Glover & Davis Settlements & Verdicts

In 2024, Drake and Hill obtained a Seven Figure Settlement for a client in an insurance dispute case. All other terms of the settlement are confidential.
Drake and Lee Obtain $2,300,000 for Clients

In late 2012, Taylor Drake and Nathan Lee were successful in settling a wrongful death case arising from the death of our client. His death was caused by a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 85. Although his annual income was approximately $38,000 a year, a large amount of evidence was obtained by Drake and Lee to create a gross negligence claim which influenced the at fault driver’s insurance company and his employer’s insurance company to settle the case for a significant amount.

Drake Obtains $925,000 For Client

In 2012, Drake negotiated a settlement of $925,000 for a 20 year old client who was a passenger within an automobile involved in a one car accident. The client had approximately $140,000 in medical bills but, miraculously, approximately 4 months following the accident there were no outward signs client was involved in an accident and there was little evidence client would experience any long term negative effects from the injuries she sustained in the accident. After much time and effort by Drake in obtaining credible evidence to support the claim that the remainder of her life was negatively changed by the accident, a significant settlement was reached shortly before trial with the 2 insurance carriers providing coverage for client’s claims.

Drake Negotiates Settlement of Uninsured Motorist Claims for Total of $425,000

While returning from the grocery store, our clients (husband and wife who had been married for 32 years) were struck from behind by another vehicle. Due to the injuries he sustained, Husband was hospitalized and was released seven (7) days later. Wife received much more serious injuries, which resulted in her death fifteen (15) days after the accident. At the time of her death, Wife had three (3) children from a previous marriage.

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Drake Negotiates Settlement of Slip-and-Fall Claim for $435,000

Our client was at a shoe store located in Augusta when she tripped and fell over a “rubber strip” which served as a transition barrier between hardwood flooring and carpeted flooring. When she made contact with the floor, she sustained a severe fracture of her hip. Two surgeries were necessary to repair her hip. Furthermore, almost a year of physical therapy was required to return her to her pre-fall physical health.

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Glover and Drake adjust liability in $7.8 Million lawsuit

At first glance, you may wonder why this case is listed being that our firm represented a defendant in this case. Indeed, it does not appear to be a case that should be promoted by our firm. Further investigation reveals, however, that this case is perhaps one of the best examples of innovative trial work, which has been the hallmark of our firm during its long history.

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Drake successfully negotiates settlement of $1.1 Million for clients against trucking company

While driving home with her mother-in-law from South Carolina, our client was forced off of Interstate 20 when the front tire on an eighteen-wheeler blew. Upon entering the median, she lost control of her vehicle and it flipped over several times. During this process, her mother-in-law was thrown from the vehicle. As she was ejected, portions of her legs were severed, and she died a few hours later. Our client remained in the vehicle and sustained severe orthopedic injuries that necessitated treatment for almost a year, although some of these injuries are now permanent in nature.

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Drake Successfully Negotiates Settlement of $1Million for Client Hit by Parking Lot Cleaning Truck

While on her way home from work at Delta, our client was hit head-on by a parking lot cleaning truck that was traveling far in excess of the posted speed limit. She barely survived the accident and remained in a coma for 25 days. Thereafter, she began the long and difficult road to recovery through rehabilitation and therapy. Unfortunately, she will never enjoy the same level of health she enjoyed prior to the accident.

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